What’s the Change that Feels Like the Last Straw?

The grocery store moved all its items. I thought I would lose my mind.

I shop for my parents on Sundays. The shopping list for my parents includes items I would never buy like “piccalilli” and “chipped beef.” For a long time, a shopping trip included searching for an employee who could direct me to these items. Just recently, I felt like I had conquered the store, that any new, unusual item my mom added to the list could be found.

Then, the store moved everything around. Sure, they changed the signs that hang above the aisles so we knew which items lived in which aisles. I still had to walk up and down aisles looking for items.

This change just seem to do me in. It felt like the last straw.

My brother died unexpectedly in August. My mom had a heart attack in July. She was diagnosed with Parkinson’s in September. I don’t need any more changes. I need something to stay the same. I need the items in the grocery store to stay in the exact same location. I have change fatigue.

I’m wondering when a change felt like the last straw for you? How did you manage that change?

(Image by Peggy cci from Pixabay.)

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